Show your appreciation for teachers

Give thanks to deserving educators in your community

While we began our #TeachItForward movement during Teacher Appreciation Week, we feel educators deserve our appreciation and recognition every day!     

If you’re looking to get involved in the #TeachItForward movement, here are a few simple ways you can show your appreciation for educators in your community:

  • Send a personal, handwritten “thank you” note for a special moment when you witness a teacher going above and beyond or when a major classroom project is completed.
  • Make a donation to their classroom funding project.
  • Provide doughnuts in the morning to place in the teacher’s lounge.  Or, have a six-foot long sub sandwich delivered for lunchtime. 
  • Bring a teacher lunch during Teacher Appreciation Week or to recognize a special day in that person’s life (e.g., birthday, career milestone).
  • Purchase fresh flowers for teachers’ desks during Teacher Appreciation Week, finals week, parent-teacher conferences or another special occasion.
  • Know any educators who survive on coffee?  Surprise them with a new personalized coffee mug. 
  • Volunteer in the classroom.  You could, for example, read to a kindergarten class, be a guest speaker during a high school career day or help organize the classroom after school.
  • Provide dinner between school and an evening PTA meeting.  Or share the duties with other volunteers and have each one bring a dish. 
  • Sneak a gift card to Starbucks or another local coffee shop into a teacher’s school mailbox. 
  • Fill teachers’ candy jars with their favorite sweet treats.

Help us #TeachItForward and celebrate excellence in education by recognizing deserving educators in your community!

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