Horace Mann donates $15,000 to Salvation Army to assist Springfield community with access to technology

Dwayne Hallman Computer Lab named in honor of former Horace Mann executive

SPRINGFIELD, Ill., April 29, 2021 - The Salvation Army Community Center now has a computer lab to assist the community with access to technology. Horace Mann Educators Corporation (NYSE:HMN) donated $15,000 to the Salvation Army to provide a place for students, veterans and seniors to receive tutoring, search for employment, apply for assistance programs, file taxes and more. The computer lab is named after former Horace Mann executive Dwayne Hallman, who served as Chief Financial Officer from October 2010 until he passed away in 2017.

Using the Dwayne Hallman Computer Lab, the Salvation Army of Springfield can collaborate with the Boys and Girls Club, The Outlet and Springfield Public Schools to give area students more opportunities to access technology through a variety of new and expanded programs.

This summer, the Salvation Army will be hosting an enrichment summer camp for 100 school-age children combining educational programs with sports activities. In addition to the lab, the Horace Mann contribution will be used by the Army to provide tutors to help campers who may have struggled with learning during the pandemic. In addition, the lab will play an instrumental role in job skills training for veterans and be available for telehealth meetings and other virtual needs for homeless people in the area.

“In the past year, education and opportunities for basic services have moved to virtual platforms. For a variety of reasons, many children and adults have fallen through the cracks because they lack the tools needed to access these platforms,” said Captain Jeff Eddy, Salvation Army of Springfield. “The Dwayne Hallman Computer Lab will open countless opportunities for Springfield residents. It would not have been possible without Horace Mann’s generosity.”

“The Dwayne Hallman Computer Lab will be a great resource for the Springfield community,” said Horace Mann President and CEO Marita Zuraitis. “Dwayne was an inspirational leader with a dedication to educators and this community. This computer lab will honor that dedication by providing a resource for educators, students and the community.”

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