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We are here for you if disaster strikes. Our claims counselors will help you get your life back on track following a catastrophe.

Don’t Wait to File a Claim

If a disaster occurs, report your claim to Horace Mann as soon as it is safe to do so. Also, let us know if you need emergency funds as a result of damage to your property. To file a claim:

Earthquake Claims

Even if you do not have the earthquake coverage endorsement, you should still report your claim. While the earthquake may have caused damage to your home, other damage may have been caused by a peril covered by your home insurance policy. An adjuster will inspect the damage and determine the cause(s) of the damage.

Flood Claims

If you do not have flood insurance, you should still file a claim with us.  An adjuster will inspect the damage and evaluate the cause and extent of damages to better assist you.

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