State Teachers' Retirement Workshops

Your retirement may be years or even decades away… or it could be right around the corner. Either way, you can benefit from gaining a better understanding of how your teachers’ retirement program will contribute to your income after you retire. We can help. We offer state teachers' retirement system (STRS) workshops to explain how your state’s retirement system works. These free workshops can help you feel confident in making decisions and getting the most out of your money.

An STRS workshop can help you:

  • Manage a retirement plan,
  • Understand the options that are available within a particular plan, and
  • Learn about any recent updates to your state’s retirement system.

Contact your local Horace Mann agent today to learn more about STRS.

Horace Mann agents only present STRS workshops in schools where the principal or superintendent has given prior approval.

STRS workshops are not offered in Utah.

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