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Special benefits and features at no additional charge

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Get the Educator Advantage® with your auto policy

Educators with a Horace Mann auto policy receive our Educator Advantage® package of value-added features and benefits at no additional cost.  It's just one way we thank you for the hard work you do every day.

With our auto policy

You’ll be reimbursed:

  • The cost of a replacement car if your new car is declared a “total loss”
  • Up to $35 for transportation if you find yourself away from home and you feel you can’t safely drive

You’ll pay no deductible for:

  • Covered vandalism losses on or near school property or while at a school-sponsored event
  • A collision claim on or near school property or while at a school-sponsored event
  • A collision claim with another vehicle insured by Horace Mann

You’ll receive:

  • Additional coverage if you purchase our Emergency Road Service coverage
  • Liability coverage when transporting students in a vehicle we insure
  • Up to $1,000 in personal property coverage if items you use during your work as an educator are stolen or damaged while in your car
  • Up to $1,000 for veterinary bills or related expenses if your pet is injured or dies as a result of injuries sustained in a covered accident

To learn more about Educator Advantage® and the availability in your state, contact a Horace Mann insurance agent.

Horace Mann Insurance Company and its affiliates underwrite Horace Mann auto insurance. The benefits listed are only general descriptions of coverage, do not constitute a statement of contract, are subject to terms and conditions and may vary by state. See your Horace Mann agent for details.

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