Charitable Giving Benefit Rider

An easy way to leave a legacy gift to charity

You care deeply about your family, and you also care about your community. You want to make it better so that you can build a legacy for future generations.

The Charitable Giving Benefit Rider can make a life insurance policy from Horace Mann Life Insurance Company an even bigger benefit to your family and your causes. Upon your death, we will pay 1% of the insurance amount,* up to $10,000, to nonprofit organizations of your choice (up to two). This rider will not increase your premium or reduce your policy’s cash value or death benefit.

Your family can have some financial protection with the life insurance policy, and you get the satisfaction of knowing that this Charitable Giving Benefit Rider payment will help leave a legacy to a cause you care about.

Contact a Horace Mann insurance agent to discuss your life insurance needs.

*1% of the face amount for our Pathfinder Indexed Universal Life (IUL) policy.

Horace Mann Life Insurance Company underwrites Horace Mann life insurance products.

This information represents Horace Mann's Charitable Giving Benefit Rider ICC-18-763, ICC19-764 and alternates.

WBIN-0417 (Sep. 20)

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