Bicycle safety makes for a smoother ride

smiling children on their bikes.

Riding a bicycle is a great way to get exercise and get around town in an environmentally friendly way. But bicyclists face a lot of challenges when it comes to riding safely. Keep these safety tips in mind to keep your ride as smooth as possible.

Check your bike

Make sure your bike is in proper working order. Adjust the seat and lock it in place at the proper height for you. (Determine your ideal saddle height with this helpful calculator.) Make sure tires are holding air and inflated to the recommended air pressure. Have reflectors on the front, rear, pedals and spokes. Horns or bells, rearview mirrors and headlights can also help you see and be seen.

Make yourself visible

Ride during the day, if possible, wearing neon or fluorescent colors, and if you must ride at night, wear bright, reflective clothing and use flashing lights.

Wear a helmet

Protect the most vulnerable part of your body when cycling – always wear a properly fitted and adjusted helmet with a chin strap.

Make sure you follow local laws

Bicyclists usually must follow the same traffic laws as motorists. Always ride with the flow of traffic, single file. If there are designated bike lanes within your city, use them. Watch for potential hazards, like potholes, opening car doors and loose gravel. Use hand signals for turns, and get in the proper lane before turning. And always be alert to what is coming up ahead and what is behind you.

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