A reason to celebrate every day in September


Summer break is officially over, and the new school year is underway. Now, more than ever, you could probably use a reason to celebrate. Well, say no more!

We found these fun September holidays you can celebrate both in and out of the classroom. You could even find creative ways to work these into your lesson plans – students will think it’s all about fun when they’re really learning.

  1. Letter Writing Day
  2. Coconut Day
  3. Skyscraper Day
  4. Eat an Extra Dessert Day
  5. Cheese Pizza Day
  6. Read a Book Day
  7. Hummingbird Day
  8. Hug Your Hound Day
  9. Teddy Bear Day
  10. Hot Dog Day
  11. Make Your Bed Day
  12. Chocolate Milkshake Day
  13. Fortune Cookie Day
  14. Coloring Day
  15. Make a Hat Day
  16. Collect Rocks Day
  17. Apple Dumpling Day
  18. Cheeseburger Day
  19. Talk Like a Pirate Day
  20. (Party) Punch Day
  21. Gratitude Day
  22. Ice Cream Cone Day
  23. Sign Language Day
  24. Punctuation Day
  25. Comic Book Day
  26. Pancake Day
  27. Save the Koala Day
  28. Good Neighbor Day
  29. Coffee Day
  30. Ask a Stupid Question Day

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