10 ways to help you get the most out of your summer

What does summertime mean to you? Unlike when you were a child, these days summer may just be more of the same hectic, fast-paced lifestyle that we all try so hard to avoid. Although adult responsibilities don’t go away from June through August, these 10 ideas may help you get the most out of your summer and bring those fun, nostalgic times back into focus.

  1. Get outside
  2. Fresh air can not only boost your spirits but also improve your health. Go for a walk, plant a garden or hit up a local yard sale (and find some deals while you’re at it).

  3. Spend time with friends
  4. Whether hosting friends over for an outdoor party, or taking a trip to visit old friends, summer break is a great time to catch up with people you haven’t seen in a while.

  5. Ditch the technology
  6. Limiting technology use can provide a good excuse to be a little more creative with your activities. Take your kids to the park or the local swimming pool. Go on a bike ride or, if it’s raining, break out the board games.

  7. Go local
  8. Be a tourist in your own town. Take a day or two and discover what your town or a nearby city has to offer. Go to a farmers market, visit a nearby museum or shop at a store you’ve never been to before.

  9. Go back in time
  10. Show your kids some of the fun activities you did when you were younger. Whether it was, stopping at an ice cream truck or just playing in the park, it’ll take you back to simpler times, and you may even teach your kids some new ways to enjoy their summer free time.

  11. Create a new tradition
  12. Try a new vacation spot, attend a sporting event or start cooking dinner together one night a week, and make it a summer tradition.

  13. Tackle the big jobs outside
  14. There’s likely a handful of jobs on the summer to-do list. Summer is a perfect opportunity to fix the fence, paint the garage or organize the shed. Knocking out these tasks in the summer may reduce some stress when school starts back up.

  15. Prepare for the school year
  16. Come up with fun projects and activities you may want for your classroom next school year. Make a list of possible outside-the-box curriculum so you’re not scurrying for ideas when school starts again.

  17. Acquire a new skill or hobby
  18. Summer break is a great time to try out a new hobby or learn something new. Find something you’re passionate about and dive in.

  19. Relax!

As an educator, you have one of the most challenging (but rewarding ) jobs on the planet. Make sure you find time to just simply relax. You absolutely deserve it!

So get out, stay safe and enjoy your summer!

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