Tips to manage stress during the holiday season

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Don’t let the holidays become something you dread. Take control by learning to manage the stress and expectations associated with the holiday season and recognize what triggers might be hindering you from taking advantage of this beautiful time of year!

Financial pressures and personal demands can lead to many headaches. With some light reflection, positive thinking and a little planning, you can find the peace and joy you and your loved ones deserve during the holidays.

Here are some helpful tips.

  • Acknowledge your feelings and reach out. If you’re feeling isolated or sad, recognize your state of mind and try reaching out to family members or friends to help you cope. Giving back to your community or volunteering your time are also great ways to elevate your mood and get you into the holiday spirit.
  • Plan ahead. In order to avoid last-minute scrambling and unnecessary headaches, plan your days accordingly. Whether it’s online shopping, grocery shopping, cooking or preparing your home for guests, you’ll be grateful you took the extra time to get organized in advance so your time and energy can be spent enjoying friends and family.
  • Stick to your boundaries. The holidays can become very busy very quickly. Always saying ‘yes’ can lead to feeling resentful and overwhelmed during what’s intended to be a joyful time. Understand your limitations, take a step back and allow yourself to say ‘no’ when you’re experiencing too much pressure.
  • Don’t let healthy habits fall by the wayside. It’s easy to overindulge and let healthy habits slip during the holidays.
    • Eat healthy meals and small, healthy snacks to ensure you don’t overeat on sweets, appetizers or drinks.
    • Try to find some calm throughout the day by meditating or doing breathing exercises.
    • Move your body and do some form of physical activity each day.
    • Get plenty of rest.
  • Take time for yourself. Spending a few minutes by yourself, without distractions, may be the refresher you need to handle everything on your to-do list during these busy months.

From all of us at Horace Mann, we wish you nothing but an enjoyable and stress-free holiday season!

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