Five tips for an easy move

If you keep yourself organized and plan ahead, you’ll be able to tackle this project with little to no chaos!

  1. Plan ahead - Whether it’s labeling and organizing or making arrangements with friends or a moving company, getting a head start will be a big help. Start packing non-essential items first because you’ll likely need the important things up until moving day. Create a schedule and stick to it – that way, you can estimate how many weeks in advance you may need to start.
  2. Secure the correct transportation - Depending on the distance of your move, you’ll want to secure the right vehicle(s) for the job. Research different truck rental or moving companies to find out which one has the right sized truck that will also fit your budget.
  3. Use boxes or containers of varying sizes - Make sure you have boxes or containers to fit different sized items so that everything can be organized and packed safely. Consider using clear, plastic bins – they’ll make unpacking a breeze and can be reused for storage. Don’t forget that packing tape and bubble wrap may be necessary for your more fragile possessions. And keep in mind that many truck rental companies will have different kinds of boxes and packing tape available when you pick up the truck.
  4. Pack room by room - Packing your home one room at a time will ensure you pack everything without getting overwhelmed. Be sure to label your boxes and containers with your new home’s room destination – it will make unpacking in your new home much easier.
  5. Contact your insurance representative - Sometimes with all of the packing and moving, we forget about one of the most important aspects of our new home: insurance. Make sure to contact your Horace Mann representative to switch coverage to your new home.

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