Spruce up for spring!

woman planting flowers.

Recently, many of us have found ourselves at home with some extra time on our hands. And it's also the time of year for that sometimes dreaded tradition to start back up again – spring cleaning. Take advantage of this time and tackle these easy cleaning projects.

Clear the gutters
Poor drainage can cause water damage to your home. Clear your gutters and downspouts of debris, and check for any that are loose or leaking. You also want to ensure all downspouts are facing away from your home’s foundation.

Clean hard to reach places
Dirt, hair, grease, grime and other debris can accumulate behind appliances over time, which can reduce efficiency and increase fire risk. Pull the refrigerator, washer and dryer away from the wall and clean thoroughly behind them. Don’t forget to vacuum the refrigerator coils and lint trap inside the dryer.

Spruce up the yard
Now is the perfect time to prep your outdoor spaces for summer.

  • Pick up debris in the yard
  • Pull weeds from landscaping
  • Clean outdoor furniture, cushions and pillows
  • Plant flowers
  • Wash siding, deck, porch, sidewalks, driveways, windows and screens

Keep cool
With summer right around the corner, make sure your air conditioner can handle the heat. You can perform some basic maintenance steps yourself, such as changing the air filter and cleaning off loose debris (grass, leaves, etc.) on the outside unit with a water hose, but you may want to hire a professional for more complex maintenance services.

Paint the walls
Tired of looking at the same four walls? A new coat of paint can help freshen up a room and your attitude. If you’re not up for painting, simply washing the walls and baseboards can also make a big difference. You can also rearrange furniture, décor and wall hangings for a fresh, new look.

Get organized
Take time to organize those things you’ve been putting off, like the junk drawer, closet, basement, attic or garage. If you’re able, donate the things you don’t need anymore.

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