Supplemental health insurance 

Supplemental insurance offers additional protection in the event of an unexpected illness or accident.

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You may have major medical insurance, but supplemental insurance can fill financial gaps like out-of-pocket medical expenses and living expenses.

Horace Mann offers a variety of supplemental insurance products that can help with both medical and non-medical out-of-pocket expenses, while disability income insurance can provide partial income replacement until you can get back to work.
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Cancer insurance
A cancer diagnosis can bring on a torrent of expenses you may not be ready for. Cancer insurance can help pay for expenses such as surgery, transportation, travel and more.
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Heart insurance
Horace Mann offers heart insurance that specifically covers expenses incurred both inside and outside the hospital.
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Accident insurance
If you were to have a devastating accident, could you pay the medical costs associated with it?
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Hospital insurance
A trip to the hospital can be costly, and your health insurance and savings may not cover everything during your hospital stay.
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Disability income protection insurance
If you’re unable to earn an income due to an accident or injury, disability income insurance can provide partial income replacement until you get back on your feet.

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National Teachers Associates Life Insurance Company, a Horace Mann Company, underwrites Horace Mann supplemental insurance products. Not all products available in all states.