Notice of Information Practices

Personal information about you may be collected from persons other than the person or persons proposed for coverage. Any information the company has or may obtain about you or other individuals listed on this request for an insurance comparison will be treated confidentially. However, such information collected by the company and/or its agent may in certain circumstances be disclosed to third parties without authorization for such purposes as claims handling, servicing, underwriting and insurance marketing. You have a right to review, and correct if necessary, your personal information in the Office of Consumer Affairs, The Horace Mann Companies, One Horace Mann Plaza, Springfield, IL 62715-0001 or by calling toll-free 800-999-1030. If you are interested in obtaining a complete description of our information practices and your rights regarding information we collect, please write us at the above address.

Insurance Credit Score Disclosure

In connection with a request for an insurance comparison, we may review your credit report or obtain or use a credit-based insurance score based on the information contained in that credit report, to the extent permitted in your state. We may use a third party in connection with the development of your insurance credit score, if applicable. You may request that your credit information be updated and if you question the accuracy of the credit information, we will, upon your request, reevaluate you based on corrected credit information from a consumer reporting agency.