Happy New Year!

Woman in sweater relaxing with a cup of coffee

If you are worried about keeping your resolutions, maybe it’s time to switch things up and think about your goals for the new year in a different way.

Reboot an area of your life that you want to get back on track.

Perhaps you’ve been feeling tired and sluggish for several months because you can’t seem to get those precious eight hours of shut eye, and you just want to hit the reset button (instead of snooze). Start by banning blue light, which comes from your phone, TV, tablet and other electronic devices. Blue light keeps you from winding down and falling asleep, so it’s recommended you turn off your devices at least an hour before you go to sleep. You can also start waking up around the same time every day (even on weekends), which will condition your body into a rhythm and help improve your sleep quality. Check out these other tips for a healthier night’s sleep.

Spend time on journaling and self-reflection.

Had a rough day at work or just needing an outlet for your thoughts? Take five to 10 minutes out of your day (it doesn’t have to be every day) to write down how you’re feeling and what you are experiencing. Tap into your fears, dreams and wishes. There are no rules to journaling, so be as creative as you want to be. After a few months, read your past entries and see what you have learned, accomplished or want to continue working on.

Refresh your emergency and disaster plans.

Emergencies can happen at any time, and the start of the new year is a good time to refresh those plans. Do you have a safe meeting place should an emergency or disaster event occur? Is your emergency kit stocked and ready to use? By taking the time now to plan and prepare for an emergency, you will save valuable time if an emergency occurs. Not sure how to start or what to do? Check out more tips here.

Create a list of the things you want to do and experience in the next year.

Learn a new language, conquer one of your fears, run a marathon or read three new books. Map out your list at the beginning of the year so you can plan ahead and put a copy on your fridge to help hold yourself accountable (and keep you excited about the things you’ll cross off your list).

Remember to have fun!

Be sure to make time for new adventures. Go on vacation, explore new places or activities in your area and try things that are outside of your comfort zone. You may just find something new along the way that you will love.

Reimagining your New Year’s resolutions in these ways can help keep things fresh, exciting and motivating throughout the year.