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Spring home care tips

Man on ladder cleaning house gutters

Let’s do some damage control and get your home and yard ready for spring with these preventative maintenance measures.

Clean your gutters

Poor drainage can cause water damage to your home. Clear your gutters and downspouts of debris, and check for any that are loose or leaking. You also want to ensure all downspouts are facing away from your home’s foundation.

Inspect your roof

Look for missing or damaged shingles, rusted flashing or cracked caulk on vents. A good pair of binoculars is a great substitute for standing on a ladder if you’re disinclined to climb.

Check your seals

Inspect the seals around your windows and doors for any that are loose, hardened or cracked. Repairing seals will help prevent water from seeping inside your home and make it more energy efficient as you keep it cool during the hot summer months.

Trim trees and bushes

If you did this in the fall, you may not need to do it until later in the spring, but it’s easier to do before vegetation gets thick. When vegetation touches your house, it can transfer moisture to your roof and siding, which can be problematic. It can also provide rodents and insects access to your interior. To prevent damage, trim any trees that are overhanging or touching your home, and inspect trees for decay and hollowing, which could cause them to fall during a storm.

Fill in cracks

Check your driveway and sidewalks for cracks or shifting, and fill in any cracks with concrete filler or silicone caulk. It’s also a good idea to power wash and seal the concrete.

Repair or replace missing paint and shingles

Exposed wood can become moist and begin to rot, which can lead to a host of issues, including leaks, mold, mildew and insect infestation.

Spruce up your gardening space

Check for damage to fences and garden structures, and make plans to fix or replace them. Sweep up leaves and twigs, and spruce up hardscaping with a pressure washer. Clean your flowerpots and garden tools so they’re ready to use when you need them. Don’t plant anything near water lines because roots can grow into plumbing lines and cause damage.

Check your air conditioning unit(s)

Just as you readied your furnace for fall, now is the time to make sure your air conditioning unit is in good working order for the warmer months ahead. Change the filter, check hose connections for leaks, and make sure the drain pans are draining freely. In addition, vacuum any dust that has settled on the unit and connections because over time it can impact the air conditioner’s effectiveness.

A little spring maintenance will go a long way to help ensure your home is in optimal condition for the rest of the year. Now, go enjoy the spring weather!